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One of the first things people see when they look at a car is damage to the alloy wheels .  The damage usually has no bearing on the integrity or safety of the wheel but it is always highly visible.

Training your own staff to undertake repairs on wheels or sending wheels away to be repaired is expensive and time consuming.

C&R offers a cost effective and time efficient process.  We can visit your premises as often as you require and ensure that your sales pitch always looks immaculate!

We offer discounted prices for regular custom and have developed techniques for dealing with all alloy wheel types including diamond cut and shadow-chrome or chrome effect wheels.

 Why not give us a try? 



Vehicle & Equipment

Our mobile workshop is split into two areas.


In the preparation area we have all the equipment we need for:

  • - deflating the tyre and separating it from the outer rim.
  • - grinding; sanding; polishing etc.
  • - extracting any dust generated and collecting any metal
  • - re-inflating the tyre upon completion of the work.

An adequate working area is crucial in the refurbishment process so C and R have invested in a vehicle that provides the greatest amount of interior space.  It was also chosen for it's reliability and economy - which minimizes downtime and costs.


We can carry all our stock and tools with us at all times.

In the "clean" area we have the spray booth; the ultra-violet oven and all our stocks of paints and materials, catering for most alloy wheel colours.


The spray booth is ventilated via a filter which eliminates all potential air pollutants.


The UV oven is used to cure the special lacquer that is used for the final coat.  This gives a hard, durable glaze in a matter of minutes.

Using water based paints and UV cured lacquers means minimal wastage and no unnecessary release of solvents and harmful vapours into the atmosphere.


The debris and other products of the cleaning and repair processes are caught in filters and metals recovered through recycling procedures.

Alloy Extraction unit

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